Coming Sept 2016


The talented editors at ELJ Publications have accepted Our Reincarnated, for publication in Fall 2016. More info coming soon!

“Hannah Pass writes like light on water. She comes in at a long angle, with glints of mystery in the unseen. What seems playful has unexpected lasers, burning bright with significance. Our Reincarnated is a seditious marvel.” Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love

“Hannah Pass’s stories crackle along at hummingbird speed, lean and sassy-smart and delightfully off-kilter. Whichever way you’re looking, they come in a different door. Hannah Pass is a young writer to watch. In the meantime, treat yourself to Our Reincarnated.” David Long, author of The Uninhabited World

“Get ready to be charmed, seduced, to fall into Hannah’s just off kilter take on what becomes her very own wide, wild world. You’ll long to have her connect you to her reincarnated lover, you’ll want to tour the Snow Exhibition with her, share the Ferris wheel as the bison cavort below. Every line shows her talent, her smarts, her golden heart. She’s the best guide you’ll ever have.” Pete Fromm, author of If Not For This

Cover art by illustrator & comic artist, Marnie Galloway.